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Can not export model from 3dsMax to babylonjs


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Hello guys, I really like to use BabylonJs in my projects, is so useful. However I'm having a problem with a model exporting it from 3dsMax 2016 to .babylon format with the plugin of the last push in babylonjs repository.

The log responses with "Exportation cancelled: Object reference not set to an instance of an object". I read some answers from different post in this forum talking about objects that not are in the scene, It's the problem? 

Ok, I read in github that I have to use the exporter till 3dsMax2015, however I use the exporten in a cube, directional light and a free camera ,so I believed that it may work in the current in the version I'm using of 3dsMax.

Expecting your help, thanks in advance. :lol:

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On 1/2/2016 at 10:01 PM, Deltakosh said:

i guess there is a bug but I need to test it on 3dsmax. This is why I need the file ;)


I fixed it with 0.4.1 :)

Thanks, It exports the complete model now. thanks you. I don't want to bother but,  [15:54:19]: Error while trying to load texture: texturename.jpg

now I'm getting this error, for every texture, the model is in the same file of the textures. Another question, What program was used for modeling this http://babylonjs.com/Demos/Retail/ ? Thanks a lot.  

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I had this error  Object reference not set to an instance of an object  each time I had to work with a scene containing VRay objects (materials, lights, cameras...). This may be the problem here, as the exporter won't export anything Vray related.

In your second problem, maybe the texture is missing. Did you checked 'copy texture to output folder' in the exporter ?

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I added Babylon.js plugin in 3ds max. I want to export the 3D model in gltf format with animation. I am able to export cube,sphere etc 3D models in GLTF format. But I can't able to export large 3D model. It is showing this error : Export Cancelled: Object reference not set to be an instance of an object.  System NullReferenceException :  Object reference not set to be an instance of an object.

Please, if anyone know how to solve this error, help me. I am running out of time and also new to 3Ds max.




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