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Blender exporter 4.4


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A small release of the Blender exporter has occurred.  It now supports saving textures in a sub-directory from the main file.  The sub-directory path MUST exist, or the export will terminate without writing anything besides the very short log file.  The image in the documentation shows writing textures to the sub-directory 'materials/desktop'.  For windows use '\' instead of '/'

FYI, version 4.3 only existed on Tower of Babel.  Typescript output was dropped for a .d.ts, which always written instead.


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Ok, 4.4.1 PR in progress

A search of "python create path" returned an os.makedirs() library call.  You still must use the correct directory separator for your OS, since not OS independent.  A wraning message is now placed in the log file, instead of throwing exception per:

# assign texture location, purely temporary if inlining
self.textureDir = os.path.dirname(self.filepath)
if not scene.inlineTextures:
    self.textureDir = os.path.join(self.textureDir, scene.textureDir)
    if not os.path.isdir(self.textureDir):
        Main.warn("Texture sub-directory did not already exist, created: " + self.textureDir)


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