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How is v4 coming along?


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I'm looking forward to v4, but I'm finding it hard to actually get an overview of how it's coming along. I read the blog and follow both doormat23 and rolnaaba on twitter, and while the teases and progress is awesome, I still don't know when to expect v4.

Can you maybe give us an update?

Oh, and please don't consider this as impatience or a sense of entitlement, but rather just excitement and eagerness!


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Its hard for us to say "this is when pixi v4 will come out" because we both have full-time day jobs, families, friends, and other life events that don't involve working on pixi. We only can work on pixi when we have free time. Due to the nebulous and restricted nature of when we actually will have free time it is hard to estimate a date at which we will finish.

The best I can say would be "when we finish it" :(

The branch is on GitHub though and you're more than welcome to contribute. Personally, I have other projects and things to work on and actually don't have time to work on pixi right now.

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That's what I see in our super-secret trello:

Done: Multitexturing, shader cache, texture refactoring, transforms as a component.

In progress: 2.5D transforms and shaders, filter refactoring

Backlog: interactionManager refactoring, separate pixi into several modules, filters refactoring, blendModes support, "bounds" component that takes care of width/height and other stuff, pixi-spine v2, Z-layers, portals, more examples.

Of course that's not all.

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