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dynamic android/ios game updates


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I'm starting a project and have couple questions. Mainly I want to achieve dynamic updates of the game assets, without the need to update the game in store (android and iOS).

Main thing that I would be able to update are graphics. I would like to change current application spritesheet, or add another one to my game. The question is : can I download a new sprite and replace the one that comes with game from the store? Or can I just add another one (for example I have on mobile somesprite.png downloaded with game from store and I would like to add anothersprite.png to game files when starting the game). Is it possible? The same I would like to use for ads, so I can change displaying one without updating the game in store.

If yes, next question is if that added new sprite can be stored on phone memory, or I would have to download it everytime I start the game?

Links to similar problems/tutorials are welcome (yes, I was searching before posting but didn't find anything)

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Thanks for reply.

So I can store date of last download and check in backend if there was any update -> if yes download new ones, if no, use files from phone. And those files downloaded will be stored in memory when I close the game and reopen it later? But in case of uninstalling the game, those downloaded files won't be deleted, right? Also, in case that I'll use one sprite only, can i replace the one that comes with game, or I have to store it as new one?

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