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Apply Web Audio API filters to babylon sounds

Bob Razowsky

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Hi Bob!  Good to see you again.

I'm not qualified to answer this question... I think @davrous and @Stvsynrj are the local web audio heroes.

Allow me to try to look foolish, for ya.  :)  Check out https://github.com/BabylonJS/Babylon.js/tree/master/src/Audio , or more specifically...


Notice the term audioContext showing-up often in that file?  Well, I believe that audioContext is the same as...


See sections 2.27 and 2.28.  In theory, once you have a ref to the audioContext, you have access to those filters.

You might be interested in Stvsynrj's analyser tutorial, too.  Everything needed for that demo... was recently added to BJS (one layer above core).  I'm not REAL sure what the analyser does, but it certainly COULD be a "spectrum analyser".  In the audioEngine source, you'll see mention of it.  if (this._connectedAnalyser), etc.   Spectrum analysers are quite related to graphic equalizers, as you likely know.  I think they are quite dependent upon the use of filters.

Maybe this helps.  Hopefully, smarter people than I will respond soon.  Be well.   :)

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