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Hi there


1) I do understand that we can make transparency of object by material, but is there other way like mesh.opacity  to make transparency of all mesh not material just, so if is a full material 100% alpha by jpg, and mash opacity will be 0.4 , all  mesh will be like 40% visiable



2) Groups - is any chance that blender exporter will as well include groups of mesh and then can be easier for babylonJS manipulate with more elements in one time ?



thank you

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group is as I understand another paramert of mesh like ID or name ,


where id meshA(ID= 'ma') and mashB (ID='mb')


if you could add another parametr like groupName then :meshA(ID= 'ma', group=['gr1']) and mashB (ID='mb', group=['gr1'])


if you will select scene.getGroupByID('gr1').visibility = 0.5 - both mesh will be selected and in this example half transparent .


as I understand mesh can belong to few groups so that mean this parametr should be as array.

I do not know Python, but is look like it should be in exporter something like


def write_Groups(file_handler, groups, group, mult):
        file_handler.write(",\""+group+"\":[" + "%.4f,%.4f,%.4f"%(group) + "]")
////// just thought
but it will be very help full for futher development and as someone who know python and blender will do it in minute ;)
PS I start to like more and more BanylonJS , shame it is not support CPU alternative just for those whose driver or graphic card is not compatible :(
It shame as I do not know us much JS I would love to contribute in evolution Babylon - hope and I believe it will be the best 3d engine on JS
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