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any solution for make renderTarget with camera Not scene


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Hi guys!   I spent a few minutes trying to "gang" the cameras, and did not succeed.  "Ganging" is not a commonly-used English term.   Google defines it as "arrange (electrical devices or machines) together to work in coordination."  "Coordination"... yeah, that's a good word... I suppose.  I made a fresh playground.   I changed the var name camera to camera0.

Pretend I want to "gang" camera0.alpha... with cameras 1-4 alpha. 

If I left/right-pan "master" camera0 with the mouse, I would like the other 4 "slave" cameras to pan left/right, too.

Don't be fooled by setting camera1.alpha = camera2.alpha = camera3.alpha = camera4.alpha = camera0.alpha in the render loop.  Although that IS a type of "ganging", it is a non-offset ganging.  ALL the cameras will have exactly the same alpha.  This is not desired.

I want the amount of change in master camera0 alpha... to be applied to the alpha of the slave cameras (1-4). 

I would love to see various "ganging" solutions.  I looked at camera class to try to learn HOW mouse/controller movements... are hooked to cameras.  Nothing learned.  Likely it is done in the scary area called "engine".  :ph34r:

Aside:  Base class Camera is sure messy.  Maybe that was necessary to create the new (overloaded?) universalCamera.  I foresee future overloading regrets, there.  Although "behavior modules" is something I dreamed-up and are likely implausible, I think cameras are a good candidate for the use of such things.  But maybe not.  :)  All in all, maybe someday, I/we will write a tutorial that teaches how mouse movements become camera movements.  That "connection" might be a good place for an exposed-to-user patch panel... where the user can "re-wire" and branch/fork mouse/controller movements.

Meantime, does anyone have "ganging" solutions?  I would love to see them and hear about them.  Thanks!

I hope you don't mind me "borrowing" your thread for this, Nasi.  And I hope you don't mind that I call you "Nasi".  :)

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@Wingnut  just about a last part 

'I hope you don't mind me "borrowing" your thread for this, Nasi.  And I hope you don't mind that I call you "Nasi".  :) '

i like looking  Black side of code (means some check and test more than normal test  for code) . because when we share a code in open source license we just test and correct code and test again so when we see right result we stop more testing so we need watch clean for other people  questions  about code

my writing is not for camera because i haven't time for check it now but i like see your replay (looking  Black side of code ) after tomorrow when i upload eash.space ( i finished some part of documents and i upload it after 24 hours and share it ). i wait for your replay .

and we r not "borrowing" when we thread's  have good result 

for fun : pick one 'wild' or 'Nasi' :)

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