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Touch panning in ArcRotateCamera


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Hi everyone,

I'm trying to add a new gesture to ArcRotateCamera. I need the camera to pan with a two finger gesture. When you moves the fingers around the screen, the camera pans with them. I have some approaches to a solution, one of them is to overwrite the ontouchmove event associated to the canvas losing the default touch events in the process I think. The other solution is to overwrite the ._onGesture or the ._onGestureStart camera methods, but I think it's the same.

It would be nice to have the ability to extend the ArcRotateCamera behaviour adding more functionality (or at least the same Desktop functionality).

Thanks in advance.

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About extending -

Making each camera type "extendable" will be relatively hard. There is already an extendable camera - which is the Camera Class. you can do with it anything you want, even live in your code. The ArcRotate is a specific type of camera. You can of course extend the ArcRotate.

this seems to me like a (relatively) minor change in the onPointerMove event already registered. The source is there - create your own camera

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