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Dynamic Flat Shaded Ground Demo


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Hello and welcome to my flat shaded ground demo.

So if you want to make a dynamic ground that is flat shaded using the convertToFlatShadedMesh function would make it a 2 step process so i made my own custom mesh builder that also flips the triangles to give a better effect.


how to - Equilateral Triangles
http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#ANEKM#8  //this is not dynamic look at demo to see how to edit equilateral triangles

how to - Right Triangles


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Yes iv seen the worldmonger demo it's grate ill try to make a similar demo of this flat shaded mesh
the thing i love about flat shaded meshes is 1 you don't need to use textures and 2 it still looks good at low resolution

and that's what i need as the map data for my game will be sent over from the server


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