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Multiple WebGL Canvases


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I know this didn't work earlier, I've had my fights trying to figure out how to work around this. Today I had another fight, and out of pure desperation i tried to instantiate multiple webGL canvases, and guess what, it worked. (flawless).

I can't find anything official about this in the changelogs? Is this an fortune side-effect of 3.0.9? should i still be cautious? 

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I dont remember when exactly was introduced that feature. Just remember to destroy() your renderer if you drop the canvas.

It doenst work everywhere, though. Not all mobile browsers are capable of handling multiple webgl contexts. Also, in last 6 months I saw multiple problems with it, all were fixed.

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Also WebGL?

Its funny, becasue when I testet it before, one of the WebGL canvases would crash instantly, without even using the second WebGL renderer. But maybe i did something wrong back then. Anyways I'm really happy it works now, that just saved me alot of "ugly" :)  

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