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How would you handle "Healthbars" with babylon?


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Hello guys, 

I have been working on a small 1v1 multiplayer fighting game for learning purposes, 

I'm looking for ideas on how it would be best to handle health-bar's that floats above player's heads.

How would you build it up? sprites? billboard's? 


I'm thinking of something that have a fixed size,

and within that, health is devided into bars of 100 HP, 


if a player have 1250 / 1250 HP, there should be 12.5 bars and the entire healthbar frame should be filled. 

if a player have 800 / 1250 HP, there should be 8 bars and they should fill (800 / 1250 * 100)64% of the entire healthbar frame, rest of it should be empty / transparrent.


I hope it makes sense and someone have a good idea on how to approach it :)




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