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Can you test this on your iDevice?


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I am having this issue on iDevices that after turning the game to landscape and back to portrait the games wont scale up to fill the screen anymore. If anyone has an iDevice I would appreciate it a lot if you could give this a test:


Just let the game start in portrait mode. Turn to landscape mode and a message should tell you to turn the device back to portrait. Do that and the game should start working again and be properly scaled up.

Please let me know if its working. I have an old ipod touch 4 and for some reason it is refusing to start any of my games (from my own dropbox). I also have an old iPad ( 1 or 2, not sure ) and it now refuses to turn on.



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Yes, the message appears and tells me to go back to portrait mode, and everything looks exactly like it did when I go back to portrait. Observation: When I tapped the center of the robot nothing happened. After a couple of tries I realized I had to click the robot's feet to start him. On my desktop, clicking the center of the robot started him (although not if I clicked the head).

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works as told with my ipod touch 4, but once went to full screen black in portrait mode after i cleared the screen, had to reload, never happened again. at level 4, the robot did not behave as expected (was supposed to turn right with the tile at the last island but go front, straight to water). the tiles are a bit small, it's not easy to select and place, and the" clear all tile" is way too close from the action tiles, maybe you should add the possibility to replace each tile and not only the last one. I found the robot difficult to activate too. The first tutorials are too wordy (difficult to read on a small screen) maybe you should make a more first levels with only visual cue. (plus no need to translate ;) ) I"m looking forward to play the game when it's done.

As a curiosity, what is the fix you have to apply?

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I don't know what the black screen cause is but I am aware that it sometimes happens. You have to make sure that you lay down the tiles in perfect order otherwise the robot will walk right over them. Can't do much about the tile size on a 320x480 canvas. Squizing in all I can. I tried to make tiles replaceable like that but then it messed up the ordering and I could never got it rigt so place in orther from first to last and delete from last to first it was. Or clear them all at once. I really got to do something about this robot activation thing, I'll get to it. I hate tutorials and wish I didn't have to make any but I do am aware of how important they are so I will definitely try harder.

The fix is already applied I just needed to know if it was working or not. The problem was that if you held your device on landscape you will get the message to go back portrait and when you did that the game wouldn't scale to fit the portrait oriented screen but will appear aligned to the bottom right and with black bars on the top and left.


Thanks for testing it out and the through review.


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