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GUI - Html or Canvas


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Hi guys,

I'm very new into the game dev scene (1 week new). My idea is to develop games using Phaser and then compile it, using phonegap, for mobile devices.

In this scenario - as I see some no-nos in others. Is it bad practice to use html + jquery and gsap to create the gui of the game, instead of the canvas?


I bring a lot of experience of dom manipulation into this new venture and I didn't like the way of positioning things around the canvas. Pixels, ew. I was on my way, building a javascript grid based on the phaser api, to mitigate the previous ew-remark, when I remembered good old html. But... standards, and you got to love standards. What's your view on this subject?

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It depends how much gui you have. A few buttons are easier wth phaser alone. If you plan dropdown menus and off-canvas navigation than css3 is your friend.  Here is example that has gui in html&css3 and phaser for animation render. (Spoiler that is mine): http://demo.irokus.si/irokusplus/kem8uc/kem8_ani_02/

There are no problems with mixing dom and canvas... Just structure you code appropriately. Phaser and jquery have very different ideas about code organization. 

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