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Predective Projectile Motion of an object using javascript,Box2d and HTML5


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Hi Team,


I am developing an app using cocos2d game engine. I am using box2d as physics engine. I want to move a particle when on clicked will show a predecitve projectile path and when released the object should move in the same path as the predected motion.(This requirement resembles angry birds game).


Please help if anyone is aware of how to achieve this.


I am attaching a sample project where the bird is launced but the projected motion is not show in the current project.Please help on the same.


Thanks and Regards,



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How to launch a body towards the mouse cursor

var bodyVelocity = body.GetLinearVelocity();//grab the bodys velocityvar launchDirection = body.GetPosition();//grab the bodys position to calculate launch directionlaunchDirection.Subtract(mousePositionWorld.x,mousePositionWorld.y);//subtract the mouse position in box2d space from body position to get the launch direction vectorlaunchDirection.Normalize();//normalize the launch direction so its consistent no matter how far the mouse is from the bodybodyVelocity.SetV(launchDirection);//set the bodys velocity to the launch direction
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