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The music does not loop anymore for old Phaser versions?


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Last year I built 3 games with Phaser 1.1. Today I tried to play these games and they work fine except for the background music that doesn't loop anymore. I tested this on Chrome for Mac. Here is the code:

// Play a looping background music
game.add.audio('music').play('', 0, 0.1, true);

And I get this warning in the console: 'webkitAudioContext' is deprecated. Please use 'AudioContext' instead.

The music just play once, and then stops. Do you know how to fix this problem easily without having to port my games to Phaser v2 ?


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Sounds like the browser has changed and now doesn't like it.  Upgrading to a newer version of Phaser might not be as painful as you might think.  You could look through the release notes to find the nearest highest version that has sound improvements, rather than going straight for the latest version.

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