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Game framework/engine for a programming game


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Hi, I'm working on a game, where the player have to program a robot on a tiled map(topDown) and I need to show the movements on of the robot.
You can controll the robot over code only, so there is no live movements only the predefined path I get as result of the program. I'm wondering now, whitch game framework would fit best for my requirements?

I need only the map + show the robot's path, yes maybe to controll the speed of the movements.

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Sounds like fairly general drawing operations, any rendering library should be able to do it (it isnt a rendering library if it cant!).

Pick the one with the best documentation/community and activity. Check out their repository if they are open-source, there should be issues coming in and dealt with, at least commented on by core team/community members. Hopefully there are bug fixes made quickly and preferably there should be new features or some sort of roadmap for the project defined somewhere.

Does the documentation make sense? This is fairly key as you'll need to refer to it. Does it have detailed tutorials? Or community created ones? Again, you'll probably need these to learn quickly. Does the community offer good timely advice for answering questions? This is pretty darned helpful and generally symptomatic of a healthy project.

For example, for me, Pixi answers all of these questions well.

Then it moves on to performance, api and design decisions. These are harder to ascertain without doing some research. For your project performance is likely not an issue as it wont tax it. You can get a good idea of the API by working through some tutorials. Tutorials showing the usage of the library probably also gives you an indication of the design decisions the team have had to make. If you like the style of the tutorials, or of the library api, then go for it.

The decision ultimately has to be yours, different people have their favourites, usually governed by their answers to the above questions. 

Generally speaking, unless your project is particularly unique or has strict use-cases, most of the libraries out there will do what you want. It then becomes purely a matter of preference based on your own outlook.

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Just a thought, but perhaps the robot movement and plotting (or "BigTrack"ing if you come from my era!) is the easy bit?  Maybe the interface by which the player inputs such commands is the harder bit?  If so, Framework choice should be made accordingly - e.g. a DOM approach may be better suited than the more popular Canvas or WebGL rendering engines found in most dedicated game frameworks?  I'm wondering whether GreenSock and Bootstrap could do it (?) - both are very popular and well maintained, but not immediately associated with making a game.

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