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Latency in procedural Texture


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Hi everybody !


I want to experiment my own SSAO, and render it in a proceduralTexture instead of using postProcess (for several things).

It works pretty well, but i have some "latency" when i move around my object. I guess this is due to the speed calculation difference between the procedural texture and the main frame.

Can i force the engine to "wait" my procedural Texture each frame ?

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Thank you for your answers !


@RaananW, there is no problem with the framerate, 60fps on deskop, a little bit lower on mobile, but it still acceptable.

@Deltakosh, i should get the same result as using post process method ? Even if i use multiple procedural textures in the effect pipeline ? (one fore the main SSAO, one for the blur pass)

Maybe i should make a little playground to show you the problem.

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First of all thanks for the PG, this is far easier now :)

This issue comes from the following fact: procedural textures are generated BEFORE depth renderer.


Procedural textures are generated before any camera rendering (because they are independant). Then render targets (including depth renderer) are generating for every camera


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Okaaaayyyy, thank you, you're a damn wizzard, I understand now :)

I don't want to use renderTargetTexture because it implies to render the scene multiple times, and it's useless since i just need to deal with the DepthRender in my texture.

Furthermore, I target mobile devices, and I want to optimize the perf.


The last solution that i see is to use Post effects, but I've noticed that when I use it, webgl antialiasing seems to be disabled.


So, what can I use instead of Procedural Textures ?

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Hello everybody,

I follow your advise, I tried to use renderTarget Texture instead of procedurals. Unfortunatly, it took too much ressources for my purpose :/

Is there a way to "wait" the depth Texture to be ready, before refreshing procedural texture ?

( for instance, generate SSAO in a depthbuffer onAfterRender function, or something else ?)

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Unfortunatly, i'm not able to share the entire project (which is necessary to show you the effective perf cost).

However, i have an idea. In my opinion, the main problem is that i push the entire scene in the renderlist (like your depthbuffer). But it is totaly useless in my case.

So, if I push a simple plane facing the screen in my render list instead of the entire scene, and apply SSAO shader on it, it should works, right ?

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i wanna make a  latency effect and need to make close my   imagining  and yours  i wanna  know more about your imagining

(any video sample or other media ) for latency effect ( like speed blur for objects or all scene texture have this effect when camera move ?)

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Hi NasimiAsl,

All scene have this effect when camera move (you can see it in my two playgrounds).

I understand what happens. Each frames, my texture is refreshed before the depth Buffer, but it should be did after.

This implies an offset of 1 frame between the two textures (my texture use the previous result of the depth Buffer since it is not refreshed yet).

I am actually playing with the refresh rate of the depth Buffer, but obviously it is not a good idea.

Is there a way to manage the renderTarget Textures order ?

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test this

1. create scene with all texture

2. create render target for depth Buffer

3. make two postprocess

  one for get your real texture

and 2 for make your second material

4 use getTextureFromPostProcess to give it back

i have a sample (long time ago )

http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#1HECPU#46 real textures and make post process and render target

http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#1HECPU#45  color

http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#1HECPU#4  set effect for my wanted color 

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