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OK, understood, thanks. But here's a scenario. I have a primitive that is draggable, and after firing ondragmove, I call the renderer to redraw the stage, since I need a smooth drag. I don't use requestanimationframe draw loop btw, since I don't need it. But the question is, is redrawing the stage after each ondragmove execution too much? Also in there I wanted to put an update to the arc, but as you said it's a polygon and not possible to do that. So I would need to clear the graphics and then redraw it after each ondragmove, is that also too much of a performance impact, to clear and redraw so often, since obviously ondragmove is gonna get called a lot? Thanks.

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I tried using clear(), but it makes a weird result. So I have a new graphics object. I create an arc out of it, then I clear that graphic object and then just call lineStyle and arc again. But instead of drawing another normal arc, I get a weird shape like broken glass all over the canvas, where the arc is supposed to be, so what is all this about?


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