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construct 2 sound and selling to portals


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Hey guys, so I have finally started to work on my "awesome" game and i'm building it with construct 2. I eventually want to try and sell games I make to portals, however I came across this link http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/1340180   its a list of a bunch of games created with construct 2. There are a bunch of really amazing ones. The thing is when i tried to load to them on my ipad 2 or or iphone (ios 7) the sound wasnt working on any of the games or the game just crashed. However when I tried out the games on the iPad2 using the chrome browser some worked with the sound, some worked with out sounds and some just kept crashing the browser. SOOOO I have 2 questions



1) how do portals feel about buying games that don't come with sound or sound doesnt work. 


2) has anyone managed to sell Construct 2 made games to portals with sound working or with out sound working.




I feel like not having the sound work really diminishes the experience and you would not get as much money for the game that you create. 



Anyways thanks for any insight on the matter. 

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