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Bottom of text gets cut off in newer version of Phaser.


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I have a simple problem - my text started to get cut off after I downloaded a newer version of Phaser. That version uses a newer Pixi.js too, so maybe the problem lies there? I simply tested with the older version, then changed the file and tested with the other - I'm sure the problem is not in my code. Sometimes, the same thing happens to the right side of the text as well. I fix that by adding a single whitespace character at the end of the line though (which I don't really like).

How to fix the cutting, if there's any way?

phas text.jpg

The box on the right is smaller because the height of the text inside of it is smaller.


EDIT : I saw that I could fix this problem by using myTextObject.padding.setTo(width, height). However, I'm using text objects everywhere. Is there a way to globalize this padding for every text with this font?

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