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Found 7 results

  1. hi guys what is the more bugfree and stable version of this marvelous framework?
  2. Hello! I found something interesting today... I decided to upgrade my Phaser version to the new one (2.4.6) a.k.a. "Baerlon". I stumbled upon 3 bugs that are gone the second I turn back to 2.4.3. And the problem is not in my code - all I do is change files. One of the bugs is in a separate thread I made earlier today. The other two came up right now. One of them is this: I have two canvases: one for my menu and one for my game. After I pause the menu canvas, open the game canvas, end the game and destroy the game with it's destroy() method, I get this error every time I blur or focus the menu canvas. Why? The second one is that when I try to set the game object to undefined (after using it's destroy() method), something crashes on mobile. If I remove the line where I do that, the crash doesn't occur. The lower version of Phaser doesn't crash, though. The problem may lie in my code, but I just point that out. I mean, I set the game to undefined, which is not so great. I do that because I want to absolutely know that everything related to the game object is gone, since the game is over and the player is back to the menu, where he can start a new game and create a new game canvas (and repeat this process). Thanks!
  3. Hello! I have a simple problem - my text started to get cut off after I downloaded a newer version of Phaser. That version uses a newer Pixi.js too, so maybe the problem lies there? I simply tested with the older version, then changed the file and tested with the other - I'm sure the problem is not in my code. Sometimes, the same thing happens to the right side of the text as well. I fix that by adding a single whitespace character at the end of the line though (which I don't really like). How to fix the cutting, if there's any way? The box on the right is smaller because the height of the text inside of it is smaller. EDIT : I saw that I could fix this problem by using myTextObject.padding.setTo(width, height). However, I'm using text objects everywhere. Is there a way to globalize this padding for every text with this font?
  4. I have to say that moving from 2.3 to 2.4.1 solved some of my issues with performance on low fps, and i love it, but somehow on phone nothing works. On Chrome i get my first screen and input doesn't work, and on stock browser(and-4.0.4) i get blank screen. Everything works on PC. I get no errors in mobile Chrome js console. Did i miss something in release notes?
  5. Hello, first of all: great work, I have used this engine for a teaching session by customizing the game "flying dog". But we have problems with the performance of the example, especially on older smartphones like iPhone 3GS and other. The example on the main website was ok (http://www.pandajs.net/games/flyingdog/) and it based on version 1.2.0, but the source (https://github.com/ekelokorpi/panda.js-games/tree/master/flyingdog) based on version 1.10.1, and with pandatool I was only able to update to 1.13.1. If I used the dev-option, the pandatool update to the new major version 2.0.0, and the game dont start. Where can I get the version 1.2.0? Thank you in advance Arne from Germany
  6. Hi all! Need to test audio playability on different devices, and if it's not good, I will use Web Audio - as it's supported only by ios 6.0 and later, I need to check OS version first. Here is the link: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/196612177/browserTest/ios_Test1.html or shorten one: http://bit.ly/1dfeIfW For that I use: navigator.appVersion,navigator.userAgent,navigator.platformThe most important is platform. Plz, write what your browser on iOS/Android and other mobile devices has for this values and your iOS/Android version. Second test is audio - it's 99% not loaded, so press on 'Try to load sounds' button and then on 'sound1', 'sound2', 'sound3'. Do the sounds can be played?
  7. Hi, I am just working more and more with Pixi.js and I am just curious if you could give us some details when we can expect a new version of Pixi.js? I already saw the milestone bug view on github - but this covers only bugs/enhancement and gives only an abstract view on when to expect a new release? Best, benny!
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