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Texture baking in blender cycles for babylonjs


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Hi there,

I'm learning babylonjs and modeling with blender these days. I have already made a simple demo scene in blender ( with cycles render ), and now I want to figure out how to export it into babylonjs. Please see the attached image, the materials for both monkey and ground are mix shaders with diffuse + glossy , and my questions are below:

1. For this demo scene, to make it looks real in babylon as much as I can, and also real-time reflection (see the ground), what all kinds of textures should I bake ?

2. I only know how to bake diffuse and ao textures, if there are some other textures should be baked, how to bake them?

Thank you!











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If you're going for a PBR Pipeline you have to bake out AO, Normal and an Albedomap ( wich means color only! ) - maybe specular, if needet. A classic workflow means Diffuse, Normal and Specular. 


You can nearly bake everything you can create with your Node-Setup... 


Her's the long answer. The first thing you need to learn about Blender: the monkey has a name, its Suzy :)

The second thing is: Cycles, as you might already know, is a pathtraything (offline) render engine. NOT a realtime render engine as you can find in gameengines such as unity, unreal... and, of course, Babylon. But her's the good news: you can bake whats not supported or costs tu much performance in Blender and bring it, as a texture, into a gameengine. But keep in mind, if you do so, it will be a texture, not a realtime effect.

watch the videos of Gleb Alexandrov, he's explaining a verry good workflow. (just click on the picture to open the videos)


I hope i could help you a little :)


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