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funky problem with texture and lights imported from blender


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First of all sorry for my english or grammatical error ;)
I have just create a simple scene with some cubes ,which use to make a house and applied only diffuse texture ;created one sun in blender

texture are simple diffuse texture though it creates funny specular dot in the middle of mesh :( i have attached  picture also link top my testing local server 


note: i have created those window cuts using boolean modifier but everymesh has ths tpe of specularity




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With such simple objects such as walls, I would build cubes around the window frames. This will let you unwrap your UV textures and avoid odd projection mapping which we see in your scene (stretching.) And you will still maintain a small vertex count with using simple cubes. Also, booleens often generate non-uniform UV mapping issues, so with simple geometry such as in your scene, booleens produce more problems than typically solve them.

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