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Blender Exporter: how to export materials with mirror/reflection effects


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Hi there,

I've made a demo scene in Blender (v2.77) and exported it to babylon. The below 2 images show you that the comparison of how it looks in Blender and Babylonjs sandbox. My questions are:

1. The mirror/reflection effect on the ground is gone after exporting to babylon, I know there is something I can do in the code to make it back ( with mirror texture ), but I'm still wondering if there is a smarter way to do it? For example, are there any material settings I can do in the blender so that the exporter can recognise it and automatically set the mirror texture into the .babylon file ? 

2. About the lighting, you can see it is darker in the Babylon than the Blender. ( and there is only one 'Hemi' light in the scene)  Is there any way I can do to make the lighting in the babylon get much closer to the lighting in the Blender? 





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1- not right now.  I see no way of ever implementing that BABYLON.MirrorTexture / mirrorPlane / renderlist stuff on export.  There is this PBR material in BJS now.  Perhaps this might be implemented in the Tower of Babel exporter for non-cycles materials by generating this material when checked, if I ever need to do it.

I do not know if a PBR material can be serialized, so it might not be doable the std / .babylon exporter.  The TOB exporter generates in-line javascript, so virtually anything can be transferred.  You might try to edit io_export_babylon.py, if PBR material is serializable.  Major refactoring of TOB into 15 files is in progress, so would not do it there right now.

2. Blender is being used as an input source.  It would be nice if things matched, but no effort is put into it.

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