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Scene Export & Workflow (Huge Scene File Management)


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I was wondering what other people do for there 3ds Max/Blender -> babylon.js workflows?

I find that If I create a scene with multiple objects, materials & animation within 3ds max and then export to Babylon.js I will usually need to do some more work on the Babylon.js side (adjust and fine-tune material parameters, add advanced material types, minor repositioning to perfect things in the browser environment, additional animation easing and so on..).

I will then re-export my using the SceneSerializer method so that it is saved using the standard format.

The annoyance for me is then when I decide to swap out an object or make a change to my animation on the 3ds Max side - I then have to re-work all of the post-export modifications or dive into a huge scene.js file full of mesh vertices and animation keys to merge the two versions.

Could there be a way to export from 3ds Max that will produce a folder with a main Scene.js file with references to a separate JS file for each material and each object. This would mean that the materials could be edited without hunting through a file of several megabytes, objects could be changed or added without re-exporting an entire scene and scene files which are a lot more manageable.

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