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Found 25 results

  1. Hi, I had some transparent textures that broke when updating to the current nightly build (from 3.2). After much searching, the problem seems to depend on the timing of when I call "mat.freeze()". Can someone confirm if this is a bug or not? Specifics: in my project I create and set up my materials and textures at init, and then freeze the material. I delay the "freeze" call, to give Babylon a chance to initialize, but this is while the game is paused so no renders are taking place. var mat = new BABYLON.StandardMaterial(name, scene) // set some colors... var tex = new BABYLON.T
  2. Hello community We have an object ( 2 meshes ) with multi material exported with 3dsmax to GLTF format. In inspector, we saw that the exporter splitted our object to 13 meshes. One mesh for each material. Is it possible to keep the same object but with a multi material option instead ? Thanks in advance. Have a nice day .
  3. This may be a dumb typo error, but I'm asking just in case it's something truly weird. I want to utilize the Shadow-Only material, but it's not showing its effects. To clarify, using a default sphere and a directional light, I'm casting shadows on a plane. The shadows show on a non-Shadow-Only material, but once Shadow-Only is activated, the shadows disappear. (as exemplified by "testscene.js") (Efforts to work from the sample playground have been weird. While I got the sample to work by downloading it, it will no longer load my obj files. Either problem is fine, I just want to know
  4. Hi, Is there anyway to allow double side materials or mesh? I have a plane with a texture on. At the moment when the camera dips under the plane the texture isn't showing. When the camera is on top, it's showing fine. Thanks
  5. Hello, this is my first post, but visit the forum for a while and am thrilled. :-) I'm currently working on a Babylon project and I'm using a CustomShader (ShaderMaterial) for the Meshes. Now I wanted to use mesh.dispose(); and mesh.material.dispose(); to remove the textures, but it does not work. Whenever I check the size with scene.textures.length, it becomes more and more. What helps?
  6. Hi Everyone I'm trying to build a material which has a gradient of transparency. At the moment it seems to be binary either on or off. Is there a way to enable blended alpha? At the moment, I'm passing a png file to the diffuse texture and using ...someMaterial.diffuseTexture.hasAlpha = true; Hope this makes sense.. Edit: Ok just found opacityTexture. Thanks if you read this anyway
  7. I read in another topic/question here that you should not freeze materials of instances, and from personal experience I see (or should I say, "do not see") the problem...the instances are transparent. Is it better to give the instances their own material to share and freeze it, or to not freeze the material for that mesh and its instances? Also, what is causing the problem of the instances not being visible when the material is frozen? I have no background in 3d, so it could be something obvious, but I am still curious.
  8. Hello! Does anyone have time to lend a hand with some optimisation please? I've been trying to get some dynamic ring shapes to look good and respond well, and performance seems OK on PC's (I've tested on 3 or 4 PC's with varying specs). On Macs (iMac, recent macbook pro and a mac mini) the CPU shoots up to 99% in Safari, so I'm obviously doing something wrong. Even with texture reflection and refraction turned off and lower detail it's still very jumpy and slow. I updated chrome on the mac, which seemed to help and gave much better performance - but it's still far from the per
  9. I've exported a mesh from Blender that has 2 materials but I don't know how to access the 2nd material in javascript. The "subMaterials" array has length of 2 but the 2nd element is null. The .babylon file mentions the 2 materials. "multiMaterials":[{"name":"netball.Multimaterial#0","id":"netball.Multimaterial#0","materials":["netball.matBodymat","netball.matOutfitmat"]}], Do I need to do something special in Blender to make this work?
  10. Is there a way to know if all the materials that have been created in a scene are done rendering without continually querying all the materials to find out if they are ready(material.isReady)? I am using several PBR materials and I have a screen that covers the scene until all the meshes are loaded, but I want to keep the scene from popping in materials after the screen is gone. Here is what I am working on for an example http://protest.jht.com/gea_engines101_new/ Thanks in advance
  11. I am seeking help to solve this issue that has been a real challenge to me. I have a scene with an interactive car. The model was updated in Blender 2.78 and Blender exporter 5.1.2. The body, doors, hood, and trunk are separate meshes that use the same material. Everything seem to be okay when I view the scene in the sandbox. (All the meshes, materials and textures seem to be just right.) When I view the scene locally, a couple of the meshes will have the correct material and textures applied to them while they would be missing from other meshes that use the same material. When I view the sce
  12. Hi Everybody! I'm not sure if this is a bug or if there is an issue with my materials, but for some reason meshes with multiple materials aren't rendering properly on iOS. For a split second while the mesh is loading, I can see each material take up the correct set of vertices, but then once its done loading, the last material to load takes over the entire mesh. We are using the latest version of babylon.js Any input would be greatly appreciated.
  13. Hello everyone, First of all, thanks for all the amazing contents I managed to find here. It really helped me to understand better how BJS works. Background : I am much more a back-end developer, so excuse me if I lack (too much) knowledge about front-end or 3D modeling. Anyway, I learned some Unity and Unreal by myself and built several Unity applications (no games, regular mobile apps, Augmented Reality apps, ...) so I understand a bit how 3D modeling works (textures, UV maps, normal maps, materials, baking, ...). I am thinking about using BJS, but can't set a tech s
  14. Hi all, I'm new and I already have some questions. First of all I must tell you that I am a 3d graphics operator and usually I always look for matches between 3ds Max and new software or 3D systems. Digita il testo o l'indirizzo di un sito web oppure traduci un documento. Annulla Visualizzazione delle traduzioni per Detto questo, mi sto approcciando a Babylon Js da pochi giorni, quindi cerco di usare 3ds max il più possibile, prima di mettere mano ai codici di programmazione o simili. Ho scaricato e installato l Traduci invece Detto questo, mi sto approccian
  15. Hi Guys, I am working with a custom model and I am attaching child meshes to it. I am trying to rectify a problem that I am having when I add colour to the model. I lose the 3d shape, the child meshes look flat and you cant differentiate between them When I remove the colour in the material, in greyscale it looks fine. see attached pictures for comparison. Also Multi Material doesnt seem to be working as expected. The next issue I am having is the orientation of the "base modal". When I init the script its rendering the base in an angle vs being upright, as
  16. Hi guys, does anybody here know whether Babylon.js supports material instancing or not? Thanks
  17. Hi, can we assign different materials to the instances of the same object so all instances have their own material? -Thanks
  18. I was wondering what other people do for there 3ds Max/Blender -> babylon.js workflows? I find that If I create a scene with multiple objects, materials & animation within 3ds max and then export to Babylon.js I will usually need to do some more work on the Babylon.js side (adjust and fine-tune material parameters, add advanced material types, minor repositioning to perfect things in the browser environment, additional animation easing and so on..). I will then re-export my using the SceneSerializer method so that it is saved using the standard format. The annoyance for m
  19. Hey everyone, I'm encountering a problem with the blender exporter. It's crashing 100% of the time while exporting (although almost always finishes exporting the whole scene with its materials). I'm using the latest 4.4.1 blender exporter and 2.76b blender on a mac. I'm attaching my export log if it's any help. Is there a way to get the blender log, if it would be more helpful? Really looking forward to the help as this problem has been driving me crazy (always having to reopen the blender file when I want to continue working after the export). Exporter version: 4.4.1,
  20. Hello guys, I have been playing with materials quite a lot lately. After spending quite some time pressing the "run" button in the babylon playground, I have decided I want a simple tool that will show me the changes I am making in real-time. And here it is - http://my-cac.com/materialEditor/ This is just a very first 0.001 alpha version. UI can be improved! But, I think people can benefit from such a tool. I am planning on uploading it to my github soon after I clean it up a bit. I hope you guys find it as helpful as I do. If you have any questions, let me know. It is pretty intuitiv
  21. Hello! I just registered but I have been a silent user of babylon.js for a little more than a year now, reading everything there is about this awesome engine and soaking up knowledge like a sponge. But there's one detail that I can't find any info about, maybe I just missed it... but it's been driving me crazy the last couple of days! I think I have visited every single page on the interwebs mentioning anything about materials and textures in babylon.js by now. Is it possible to apply two, or more, texture images on the same faces of a mesh? Let me give you an example: I have a large p
  22. In my morphing using SIMD testing, i finally switched to using the profiler. My measurements of deformation CPU are just not reliable. The Firefox Nightly profiler is kind of messed up though. I dropped back to my non-SIMD calls, and ran on FireFox 37 to get a base line. Found that updating positions & normals was only 0.78% of total CPU used, anyway. The split between evaluationMeshes & render was 32.85% & 55.76%, respectively. What surprised me is 9.54% of the total cost was in StandardMaterial.isReady(). Going to Babylon.Material, I see there is a way to avoid paying th
  23. I've been digging through Babylon.js lately and for the project I'm working on I'd like to be able to write a custom GLSL shader for my particle systems (for things like lit particles, soft particles, etc). I can't tell if this is something that's possible or not, I haven't been able to find any documentation on it, other than being able to change the blend mode...
  24. if i want to change the material of my player in the update function.. it does not set the new material.. it also doesn't keep the existing one.. it just resets the material setting to none.. is there something i have to do after changing the material to have it applied? thx !!
  25. #1 are tilemaplocationcallbacks working in 1.2 ? # is it (will it be) possible to assign materials and collisioncallbacks to layers so i can put all my "ice" tiles in one layer (friction=0) and all my "lava" tiles in another (player.kill()) ? (or what would be the appropriate way to accomplish those things?) thank you all in advance !!
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