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pixi.js version 4.0.0-rc1 is out


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Blogpost by @Mat Groveshttp://www.goodboydigital.com/pixi-js-v4/

Release: https://github.com/pixijs/pixi.js/releases

Examples: http://pixijs.github.io/examples/

First issue: https://github.com/pixijs/pixi.js/issues/2436

If you see example with [v3] it means that API was changed and better to look at differences between [v3] and new one.

There is one broken example (pixi-compressed-textures) and two meant for v4.1, which will be available soon for testing.

Known things that are yet incompatible with v4:

1) pixi-spine gpupatch

2) pixi-tilemap

3) pixi-compressed-textures

4) pixi-alpha-map

We're working on it :)

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Thought I had replied to this, but, great work on this to everyone involved. It's a big step towards modularisation of the various aspects of pixi, great job splitting up the GL renderer chunks and encouraging the use of glslify. I was part of the initial discussions on Github and I know some things have changed but Pixi is still moving in a great direction, and things like performance boosts, backward compatibility and more access to the GPU without compromising the easy-to-use api is all greatly appreciated!

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Brilliant work everyone!!!

So is the only user-facing API change to RenderTexture?

Are the `from` methods now OK to use? I remember Chad advising us to avoid using them with v.3.

Anything else us users should know about?


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3 hours ago, ivan.popelyshev said:

Yes, its OK to use "from" methods, forget what Chad's says, I give you my blessing!

Thank you, you've made a lot of Pixi users very happy!

By the way, does v.4 give us some way to change a sprite's axis of rotation without changing its position?  (like Chad's old pivot/anchor/origin proposal: https://github.com/pixijs/pixi.js/issues/997)

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