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Avoiding Babylon file taking from cache

Vijay Kumar

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every time i make some update in babylon file and i want to check it in browser , the browser is taking the already downloaded or existing file from cache.

this way i am getting the old babylon file not the updated file.

please help me how to avoid taking the old babylon file from cache. can we make it through javascript  .

every time the browser has to take the updated texture and babylon file .

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Babylon uses JSON formatted manifest file to track changes made in the server files to use it while storing information in the local database. What this means is that, if you have made some changes to the assets you have to update the manifest file too by changing the version value, doing so will force Babylon to re-download assets. There is another way as well, just set engine.enableOfflineSupport to false to make Babylon re-download assets every time it is loaded. Cleaning browser cache can also really help while developing your game if you make frequent changes to your assets in the development process.

Take care! :)

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