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[Available] Construct 2 developer for Hire


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Do you have a cool game idea and seek to implement it? Do you have a problem with your project and need someone to help you? If you do, I'm here for you!

My name is Elijah and I'm a Construct 2 developer for hire.

I'm currently free for your offers!


I have worked with Construct Classic / 2 for more than 3 years. I can develop any genre of singleplayer games, as well as multiplayer projects. My favorite genres are Tower Defense and Platformer.


Right now I'm working on my first relatively serious project. Here are some of my finished games:

Tomahawk Treasure - time manipulation puzzle game, developed along with an artist.

Spub - platform game, commission for Brandon Foster.


I'm offering you my skills as a C2 programmer. I can help you develop a game, develop it for you, teach you how to develop it, help you fix a bug (or bugs), implement a feature, or do other task related to Construct 2. In the process of working I will advise you about your project and help you test it.

Here's how it works:

1. You contact me via email or Skype and we discuss your project.

2. I start working on the project, sending you updates on a regular basis. You give me feedback.

3. I finish the project and send it to you for approval. If you want something changed, I change it.

4. You pay me through PayPal, and I send you the .capx file of the project (I might ask you for part of the payment in advance).

My prices are affordable and adjustable (depending on the work you want me to do). I accept both per-project and hourly rates, whichever suits you best. I might also consider revenue share (some upfront payment is required). Payment is via PayPal.

I may do research on graphics and music/sounds for you if you want me to.

Please, contact me if you know what you need. I'm always looking to build a long term business relationship with you.

Contact me

If you have a great game idea or a work for me to do, what are you waiting for?

Drop me an email!

Add me to Skype!

(open links in new tab)

I will typically reply to you very soon.

Have a great day!

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