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Found 14 results

  1. Hi everyone! I was wondering which HTML 5 game engine is better PixieJS or Phaser.io? Links: Phaser.io: https://phaser.io PixieJS: https://www.pixijs.com
  2. Greetings everyone, I'm an expert 2D game programmer and I'm available for hire. I can get your ideas from scratch to published in no time, whether you hire me as a consultant or lead programmer. Payment and schedule are completely negotiable, just contact me for more info. Thank you.
  3. I'am looking for experienced Phaser coder for minimum of 2 upcoming mobile game projects, and finish one that's half done. Its crucial that applicants are able to add interesting mechanisms to the games, very good understanding of making games for phones, to keep the performance of the games, make sure resolution is scaling properly, short loading times and so on... Being able to work on flexible systems and even add your own touch to the game. You should know that these projects, even tho majority of them will be small, might take even couple months to finish. Pay is per projec
  4. Hi, I'm Al, an experienced web and game developer which includes Phaser and Unity. I have worked with very large brands, including Justin Bieber, creating games for the web (desktop/mobile) for marketing purposes. I am currently looking for any paying business opportunities. While I will try to accommodate a variety of budgets, I feel like I can offer most value to established brands and businesses. I am based in the UK, but can adjust my work hours as necessary. The best way to reach me is to email contact@studiouniverse.co You can view my company website here: http://stud
  5. Hello everyone. My name is Tiago Keller and I am the lead developer for Prodigy Game. (www.prodigygame.com) We have a huge Math-game MMO, and the company is growing very fast. We are looking for experienced html5/phaser developers. If you have a valid work status in Canada, and are looking for a great opportunity, please send me a message here or on LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/tiago-keller-ferreira-02495a5 Best regards, Tiago
  6. Hello everyone, I am currently looking for a job/contract as a game programmer. I have experience using phaser.js, Unity and sdl. I have been programming as a hobby for the last 10+ years, with the odd programming job here and there. I really want to build up a portfolio, so I am willing to work on lower budget projects (within reason). I have two html5 games published on the Chrome web store, one built from scratch, and the other using the phaser engine. Both of which I will link to down below. I can work on projects solo, or as part of a team. I am also a fast learner, so if you ha
  7. UPDATE: Positions are still available as we continue to grow. This post will update when we are no longer accepting applications! Our team is looking for experienced HTML5 developers who are able to join our team immediately as remote freelancers. Duties will range from creating mini games, to full HTML5 games (using Phaser) in addition to simpler conversions. With this in mind, we need a developer who is dedicated, hard working, extremely knowledgeable and who takes pride in his or her product. The position will start with a few simple minigame projects, and has plenty of room to grow fo
  8. Hi, I am self-taught programmer. I have a lot of experience in JavaScript, Node.js, Babylon.js, Three.js, Phaser and etc. I am looking for a team of enthusiasts to create browser based games. I'm mostly insterested in developing multiplayer games. So if you have skills in game design, digital art or other game developing related skills I can join you. Lets unite our skills to create something that is worth our time
  9. Do you have a cool game idea and seek to implement it? Do you have a problem with your project and need someone to help you? If you do, I'm here for you! My name is Elijah and I'm a Construct 2 developer for hire. I'm currently free for your offers! Experience I have worked with Construct Classic / 2 for more than 3 years. I can develop any genre of singleplayer games, as well as multiplayer projects. My favorite genres are Tower Defense and Platformer. Portfolio Right now I'm working on my first relatively serious project. Here are some of my finished games:
  10. HTML5 Game Developer Im looking for a programmer to integrate some modules into my company game. The gameplay is 90% coded in Cocos2djs (endless runner), now we want to experimenting in ads and launch as fast as we can. Based in Denpasar, Bali , Indonesia, you can check this link for further information about my company. Key Requirements for the job: Experienced in Cocos2djs Can integrate social media modules (facebook, g+, others is a plus) Can convert cocos2djs project into apk (play store ready) Can integrate one or as much as you can , these adverti
  11. I'm a Games Programmer with several years experience of game and web programming. I feel confident in my ability to develop any kind of gameplay behavior, no matter how simple or complex. I'm available now to work on programming projects at a good rate. Some of the skills I have available: HTML5, CSS3OO JavascriptHTML5 game developmentPhaserC#Unity game developmentAndroid/IOS GamesStrong physics and maths skillsYou can see some examples of some of the projects I have worked on here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.inflowdevelopment.rotobreak & https://play.google.com/st
  12. Hi, My name is Pete Schmitz and I'm a programmer that's available for HTML5 game development. I'm providing services that include porting games from Flash(AS3)/Java/C#/C++ to HTML5 applications that are mobile-compliant, optimizing/improving existing projects, and collaborating on entirely new applications. I have over six years experience in browser-based games development, which includes contract work for Nickelodeon and Newgrounds. My portfolio of published applications, including my resume and contact details, can be found at http://peteschmitz.com If you're interested in my services
  13. Hi, I'm an HTML5 Game Programmer who's available for immediate work. I've programmed many small games that were published for iPad and desktop. Examples can be seen on my portfolio: http://spirit2change.org/employment/portfolio/portfolio.html These were educational games for kids and some involved finger painting on the iPad using canvas. I also have some experience with phaser.io, which I've used to prototype an adventure game I conceptualized. Please let me know if you're interested in working with me! Josef email: spirit2change@gmail.com
  14. Hello, We’re 2 girls from Sweden who are starting a game company, one of us is a beginner front end web developer and the other is studiyng marketing. One of our goals is making a mmorpg for the web targeting young people with an idea that we’ve planned for more than a year now. Our game will be more simple than the typical mmorpg game is today but we want it to be isometric and web-based. We want to make an online multiplayer where you play as an animal and chat with other people, you walk around in a pixelated world together and have something similar to levels and exp (but simplified),
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