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Game perfomance issue with Google's Creative Preview for Android


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Currently I am testing a small game for mobile ad using Google Creative Preview and the game performance is choppy and unresponsive. The Creative Preview app uses webview to pull in the creative/game via a HTTPS URL.

The device itself has little impact, game performance is choppy and unresponsive across a range of devices.

When I test the game using Chrome for Android the game runs smoothly, as expected.

I would expect the game to perform the same in either a webview or a standalone browser.

Has anyone had similar issues or any suggestions to resolve?

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

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33 minutes ago, rich said:

What the hell is Creative Preview?

I think it's some abstraction layer for ad placement / testing inside android / mobile apps.




I think the reason it's choppy and laggy is simply because of the overhead of Creative Preview? Not sure

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Hi Rich and WombatTurkey, thanks for replying to my posting.

At first I thought the problem was with the overhead of the Creative Preview. Then we started testing the mini-games as they are displayed within apps. Same issue, very choppy and not responsive.

I am not sure, but it feels like it could be an issue with webview in Android. I have read some posts about issues with webview, these were related to hybrid apps using Phonegap or similar. We are running them as straight HTML5.

Are there any known issues or quirks reported with webview? I keep pulling at the thread and can't seem to find the root cause.

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