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v3/v4 Multi touch issues


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I've been using PIXI for a while now - but I've hit an issue with multi touch control in v3 (and looks like it may also apply to v4)?  

The older bunny drag demo here will allow you to drag 2 bunnies simultaneously on a touch screen:


However, a more recent demo here does not:



Does anyone know if there's a working v3 example of multi touch / multi dragging available anywhere?

Specifically the problem I'm finding is that if I apply either .touchmove or .touchendoutside to 2 different containers, these events seem to get called for both.

So touch container 1, touch container 2.  Move finger over container 1, and touchmove gets fired on both. Release finger outside container 1, touchendoutside gets fired on both.

Any help/advice much appreciated.



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