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Host your web apps (babylon.js games, tools, simulations, etc..) for free at apphut


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Hello guys,

Lately I've been working on a small platform to share applications built for the web named apphut. Within it you can share existing links to already deployed apps or you can upload your apps directly to my server and a shiny new sub-domain name will be made for people to access it. There are no monthly fees to keep your app online and today I am making it freely available. If you have already deployed your web app and wish to share it, you may register for an account and directly upload an entry to share it on the front page. However if you would like to upload directly to my server you will first have to obtain some storage. To begin you will have to register, then you will need to follow the 'developers' link in the header that will take you to your dashboard. There will be 'hosted' section within the dashboard where you will see options for either purchasing storage or a way for you to input a promo code for free storage. After you have successfully acquired storage you can then proceed to the upload page to upload your app.

I have decided to grant some free storage for you to try out the service. There is no limit to how many you can upload as long as you still have storage and you can upload all types of applications : games, js utilities, Babylon projects, blogs, tutorials etc. As long as its nothing too obscene or crude.

The promo code for 20 MB of free storage is webdev

Hopefully you guys can find it useful, if you have any questions please feel free to ask.

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Well you can buy storage but I am giving you 20 MB for free. You cannot run server side scripts but you certainly can communicate with other servers (as long as CORS is enabled). There is a platform named PubNub where you don't even have to touch backend stuff. PubNub + Apphut is feasible and can result in you never having to setup a server and keeping your app online forever.

And just to clear things up think of apphut as a simple web server. You upload your files and when the client navigated to the sub-domain those files are served. If it was Javascript then it gets executed.

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Yes AJAX will work but PHP cannot run. Although take note that the browser has CORS protection so whichever server you are making requests to must allow CORS to work.

I had a small wikipedia app that consumed their API and everything worked well.

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