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webgl error


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Not sure what invertY is but will checkup on that :)

The scene file I use is exported from blender. I wonder if their is some setting there I could use.


While we are on the topic of webgl error I also get the following error from time to time (usually on firefox)

Error: WebGL: Exceeded 16 live WebGL contexts for this principal, losing the least recently used one.

Does not seem to have any effect but made me wonder what the issue was.



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I assume you're using power of 2 textures, ( 64, 128, 256, 512, etc.) which are almost always more efficient to render. I believe that I received the same error which was corrected when I realized I was using an odd texture size and resized my image to power of two. But I can't be certain as it was eons ago.

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Apologies for the thread necro, but I'm getting this error during dev as well in FFox: Error: WebGL: Exceeded 16 live WebGL contexts for this principal, losing the least recently used one.

I understand dispose() works, are there any procedures for GC on canvases/engines I should take note of ? A doc link would be nice here, I think.

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On 8/18/2017 at 0:27 AM, Deltakosh said:

Are you using the latest bjs version (3.1 alpha?) Can you also check using memory snapshots that you do not have a leak that keep the context in memory (like a remaining event)

I'm using 3.0. Memory is showing ~12MB when page loaded dropping to ~5MB after local server d/c (and I believe after GC). Primary calls in script are

    this.viewport.remove(); //canvas removal

I don't think its sufficient. Heap snapshot shows that meshes in the scene are still retained, as well as the scene itself. I have to pore over this in detail. Is there a best practice doc/guide as to removing babylon created object references anywhere ?

edit: I forgot, the GUI elements are also retained in memory, I'm seeing several getNodeText calls. Hope it helps.

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On 8/22/2017 at 1:48 AM, Deltakosh said:

Unfortunately, without a repro, I won't be able to help

I took the PG codes from https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#FBKE1P#1  and modified to add in a 30s timer (zip file) that disposes the scene and engine. You should be able to obtain the snapshot before timer runs out.

Also, attached my ss fyr. Does this help ?



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Well, I managed to make it reproducible via window.location.reload(true) with the simplest of scenes (as below). A warning tho, this creates an infinite loading of the same page just to speed things up, so have F12 console viewable as the page reloads. I also tested multiple browser refresh in the basic scene of the PG and got the same result. Hope it helps.


		window.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', function() {
			function createScene(engine,canvas) {
				var scene = new BABYLON.Scene(engine);
				//Adding an Arc Rotate Camera
				var camera = new BABYLON.ArcRotateCamera("Camera", 0, 0.8, 100, BABYLON.Vector3.Zero(), scene);
				camera.attachControl(canvas, false);
				return scene;
			var canvas = document.getElementById('renderCanvas');
			var engine = new BABYLON.Engine(canvas, true);
			var scene = createScene(engine,canvas);
			engine.runRenderLoop(function() {
				//canvas = null;
				console.log("scene disposed? " + scene.isDisposed);


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