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isPickable ignored for lines


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Just to clarify my problem.
Actually i don't want to pick lines at all but since i updated to the newest BJS 2.4 the line picking is interferring the normal mesh picking.
Lines which are in front of a mesh are getting picked now and not the mesh. This is correct but only if isPickable is true (in my opiniion).

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18 hours ago, Kesshi said:

The isPickable property is currently ignored for line meshes.
See this demo: http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#1C5IUC
The red line should not be pickable.

Hello @Kesshi

Yes you're right, I misinterpreted the behavior of isPickable, I thought it was to say if the class could handle picking or not (because LinesMesh was already returning false) so I changed the implementation and always return true: which is not that it should be.

I'll submit a very simple PR in few mins that remove the get isPickable() method in order to let the AbstractMesh class do the correct job.

Once it's done and the PlayGround is updated you should have the expected behavior.



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