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Bug? Sprite falls through world if rotated


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o5HlkT1d5S.gif (http://g.recordit.co/o5HlkT1d5S.gif)

Hi, so my setup involves two hills, where the player is rotated to match the slope angle. The first hill rotates the player to an angle of -45° and the second rotates it to 45°.

The problem is that once the second rotates the player, the player can just fall through the bodies. My code for the hills is almost identical. (have a different triangle and angle). I think this might be a bug in p2.

Any thoughts?

EDIT: I've added a second example: http://g.recordit.co/FLgBsRxbeI.gif

In this example we can see that the sprites will slide down the first hill, but upon touching the second they will fall through the wold.

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