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Using GSAP & SVG?


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I'm new to canvas & phaser, but I've been using SVG with GSAP a lot recently and wondering if they can play well with Phaser. I'm pretty new to playing around with raster images, but it might seem good to have all your basic images in SVG and then it converts it to PNG based on the resolution of the device, are people doing this?

And what are your methods for animating UI in canvas? I'm used to the timeline and staggering GSAP offers with DOM based UI, does Phaser have some similar ways for staggering and timing elements or do most people tap into other more robust tweening libraries?

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You can use GSAP with Phaser quite happily, to tween whatever you like.

SVG rendering in Pixi isn't supported though, SVG shapes just get rendered to images and tend to end-up looking pretty poor as a result. See this still on-going feature request from nearly 2 years ago: https://github.com/pixijs/pixi.js/issues/936

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