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shadow issue


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see the following playground


This has a ground , 2 boxes and a DirectionalLight

The two boxes cast shadow on ground.

If you move the two boxes away from each other the shadows cast by them start fading, becomes less sharp.

un-comment 13 and comment out 14 to see this effect

Is this expected behavior ?

(The above does not happen for useVarianceShadowMap)

Also is there any documentation on

shadowGenerator's properties






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I see what you mean.

So if I set the position of the meshes , set  autoUpdateExtends  to false and then change the  position of one of  the mesh then the shadow of the other meshes do not change.

Of course the mesh which is moved no longer shows any shadow.

can be seen here


clicking the canvas toggles the position of one of the box.

un-commenting line  36 shows the effect of autoUpdateExtends 

shadowOrthoScale  also helps

Nice, Thanks

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