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React and Babylon unite!


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Hey Ya'll!

I've been working on way to create 3D scenes with React, that uses Babylon as its Engine. It's still very early, but would love any feedback or ideas folks have. you can find it at https://github.com/brochington/Akkad. I'm really exited about getting more VR stuff working, and also creating some cool demos too. 


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@Deltakosh Thanks!! I don't have anything deployed at the moment, hopefully soon, but their is an example project in the git repo that you can run locally. My list of things to do really soon include:

1) Getting DynamicTexture working. I want to expose the canvas context to the end user. I'm also toying with the idea of being able to define what is on the canvas with "HTML" so that the React tree can be used for content as well. Had the idea when I came across this: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/API/Canvas_API/Drawing_DOM_objects_into_a_canvas

2) Getting an example app deployed. It would be super awesome to get something like the Bablyon Playground working for this, will see. 

3) Lot's of docs, especially for the systems. I've been messing a bit with jsDoc, but might go the old fashion route just to get it up.


If you have any questions, feel free to hit me up, and thanks for looking!

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Hey Ya'll, 

Just wanted to add a quick update to my little project. I've gotten Dynamics Textures, Multi Materials, and Sub Meshes working with Akkad. 

I've also started a basic demo of Akkad, which is basically just a simple simple game of Jenga. There is a couple things I want to add, but you can check it out: 


Demo Project location: https://github.com/brochington/akkad-jenga

If you want to see it running: https://vast-inlet-54848.herokuapp.com/


Still a whole lot to do, but hopefully this give more of a sense of my current direction. Questions and comments are always welcome!

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This looks like it could be a good educational tool or a good way for non-developers to start prototyping (provided the template is set up for them).  It could also be a scripting language for a virtual world.  Second Life has a scripting language which looks like C#, but this is easier 'cos its looks like HTML

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@ozRocker Being simple is definitely a goal of mine, and the scripting language is an intereting point. I think this being a form of scripting would be great too, Reminds me of this presentation that John Carmack has made about a scripting language for VR. 

It's an interesting fact that it "looks" like HTML, yet those tags actually compile to direct functions, so it all still exists in the JS land. You can even have "hot-reloading" work, so if you change the code, you can see your scene change without refreshing the page. 

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