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Rectangular Textures on a Sphere


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Actually. I just decided to try importing models from blender. However, now I am running into the following problem.


Here is my code:

    // Load Blender    BABYLON.SceneLoader.ImportMesh("", "", "Models.babylon", scene, function(meshes, particles) {      alert('Loaded');    });

And here is the error I get

Uncaught Error: 0 babylon.1.6.0.js:1

Any thoughts?


The file is definitely there.

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Here is the full console output:

Valid manifest file not found. Scene & textures will be loaded directly from the web server. babylon.1.6.0.js:20event.returnValue is deprecated. Please use the standard event.preventDefault() instead. jquery.js:5374Uncaught Error: 0 babylon.1.6.0.js:1request.onreadystatechange babylon.1.6.0.js:1

Here is a link to the project.




Sorry about it all being in the same file. This is really just an experiment and I am doing a lot of re-factoring as I go, meaning 1 file is the easiest to work with. It won't end up that way though!

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I used that totally awesome BABYLON VIEWER app and the files worked perfectly. 


OMAGAD OMAGAD It's my app !! Thank you :) <3


More seriously, you won't be able to load babylon files locally. You have to get through a local server. In Babylon, all files are retrieved using AJAX requests, and for some security reasons, you cannot request a local file using AJAX.

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Does anybody know the right vOffset, vScale, uOffset, uScale to wrap a mercator projection off the earth around a sphere?

I have been experimenting, but I don't seem to get it right :(


I found out myself:

The best way to wrap a rectangle mercator projection around a sphere is to create a image of 1024 by 512 or at least in these proportions. Then it wraps around beautifully.

So you need to have image that is twice as high as wide.







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