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How to not recreate everything when changing state ?


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I've been working on a game for 2 weeks. In this game, there will be several maps / levels (2 atm). I want the player to be able to go from one map to another, and back to the first map again. I'm using one game state for each map with a create function that creates every game object the map needs.

So basically it recreates everything when I go back to a map I already visited, and it feels so WRONG !

Do you have any idea on how to improve this ?

Is there a way to 'freeze' a state when I change map, and 'unfreeze' it when I go back to it ? Or should I merge those in one huge map ?

here's the game so you can have a better idea of what it is (if some assets aren't loaded when the game starts, reload the page. This is an issue i'll be correcting soon). 

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