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[Plugin] Arcade Circles


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I finally finished writing the Phaser Arcade Circles plugin.

Plugin on GitHub:



This plugin adds to framework:

  • Circle vs. Circle collision
  • Circle vs. Rectangle collision
  • Circle-body debug render

The plugin does not reduce the performance of arcade physics. The plugin is easy to use. It does not add new functions, but merely extends existing.

How to add a plugin:

Add to your index.html link to plugin file:

<script src="js/phaser-arcade-circles-plugin.js" type="text/javascript"></script>

How to use a plugin:

Then use the standard function setCircle for the circle-body.

sprite1.body.setCircle(radius, offsetX, offsetY);

Calculation of the collision produced as usual. No further use is not necessary functions.


  • Remember, this is an arcade physics. Not real physics. Therefore, some collisions may seem strange.
  • Remember, that the setCircle function overrides scaling and anchor point.



The repository has 4 examples of using the plugin.


If Rachard read this post

Richard, I recommend you to add this functionality in the Phaser.

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13 hours ago, hexus said:

Sweet plugin!

As far as I'm aware, circle body support is being worked on already for newer versions. Check the branches of Phaser's Github repo.

Yes, it is being developed. I hope in the next version it will work.

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