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Click event problem


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I'm developing a web interactive application. I have a stage in which I have arranged multiple containers. Containers are placed parallel to each other (not overlapping) and each container has multiple images placed vertically. Images are well inside the boundary of the containers so removing the chance of containers or images overlapping.

The containers are also moving from left to right continuously by animating their x position. The problem is when I click on any of the images in the container, the click event fires randomly. Sometimes on the first click and sometimes on several clicks. 

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I have tried few things. Remove all animations, attach click event to stage and containers as well and the results are that when I click the image the stage event fires but not the container and sometimes image too. Then I made stage non interactive and container event still not fired.

Sometimes I have to click 3 4 times on the image to get its click event fired. My hierarchy is Stage -> Containers -> Images

New Findings:

All three Stage, container and image events gets fired with  stage click every time and container,image randomly.


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New findings
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