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oTakhi Platform Preview: Nuclear Explosion


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This nuclear explosion effect is built using our real-time fluid simulation engine in combination with the following techniques:

(1) Perlin noise turbulence

(2) Sample jittering

(3) Anisotropic scattering

(4) Multiple forward light scattering

(5) Full implementation of Blinn-Phong optical model

(6) Dynamically injecting density, temperature, divergence to create expansion upon fuel ignition and later contraction.


To see it in action, view this project in PetriDish - our free online editor.












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After extended tuning of temperature color palette and other light scattering parameters, i was able to produce much better result.

The detail of the blast cloud is now much more pronounced.  This simulation was performed on a 93 x 143 x 37 grids.  

Thanks to vorticity confinement and sample jittering, I was able to artificially create more details from limited number of grids.






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