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Phaser Flash Asset Exporter


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Hi guys,

I use flash alot to generate assets to createjs and I was in need of a more robust game framework for html5 games.

Since I'm still learning alot about Phaser I have created a Phaser Flash Asset Exporter inspired by Photon Storm jsfl script: http://www.photonstorm.com/phaser/flash-to-phaser-jsfl-script

How it works:

  • Looks in the library for linked symbols and their dependencies and generates a spritesheet for referenced bitmaps.
  • Generates Phaser Asset document with document properties and symbols.

Supported features:

  • Generate atlas and metadata with linked symbols and their dependencies bitmaps.
  • Generate linked symbols and their dependecies.
  • Generate Shapes.
  • Generate Texts.
  • Generate scale and rotation transformations.

Not Supported features:

  • Shape oval gradient fillColor
  • Shape bitmap fill
  • Timeline animations

Please feel free to give some feedback about it.

Github project: https://github.com/mmcs85/PFA-Exporter


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