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babylon unity5 exporter issue


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Hey guys, I am having an issue getting the babylon unity exporter working. I have cloned the latest repo of babylon and placed the Unity3D2Babylon folder in the Assets directory of my project. I get the error "Assets/Unity3D2Babylon/ExporterWindow.cs(146,35): error CS1525: Unexpected symbol `<internal>`

I have tried with a brand new project as well as an existing project and I get the same error. The line it points to specifically is: ReportProgress(1, $"Exportation done in {watch.Elapsed.TotalSeconds:0.00}s");
and it's choking on the $. I don't know enough C# to effectively troubleshoot this further lol.

I have attached screenshots of the error console, unity version, script, and my Unity3D2Babylon directory. Any help would be awesome. 





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Thanks for the reply. Sorry to get back 3 hours later, i forgot to turn on notifications lol. After coming home and trying on my personal machine i ran into the exact same issue on an older version of unity (5.0.1f1) I then commented out the line as you suggested. This is the new error:
Assets/Unity3D2Babylon/ExporterWindow.cs(8,19): error CS0234: The type or namespace name `SceneManagement` does not exist in the namespace `UnityEngine'. Are you missing an assembly reference?

I then got the idea to upgrade unity on my personal machine but im in a hotel and the internet sucks so this might take all night. I just came up to PA to work for a place called Neo-Pangea. You've probably talked with Shane :)


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