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Non commercial game project - made with Phaser


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This is what I made:




play here: http://mihail.ilinov.eu/games/PhaserBreakout/


And I want to make other version with absolutely new graphics, sound, and extended game play


It's going to be based on this game, but with:

- new graphic

- new dimension and scale support

- more levels and more bonuses

- better sound effects


I'm not going to start it alone since I have to other game projects with graphic artist but I'll love

if someone wants to make such a game: check arkanoid and breakout.


For now the game is supposed to be free and non commercial but if in time we invest and make a good product

I'm open to release a commercial version with some additions or completly transfer the game to some sponsor...


But the main requirements to join the project are:


1. You got to love making such a game

2. You have to be: graphic artist, js coder or sound artist

3. contact me on mail or skype: so we can brainstorm some gameplay things together and make a working plan and so on.


So contact me on mail: [email protected] or skype: mike86bgtsubasa


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