Breakout - [Phaser version]

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I'm more than happy to release my first finished game. :P


I made it specially for this project: http://city41.github.io/breakouts/


So soon I hope it will appear on the list, and for now you can play it here:




Source code here:



I've made some gameplay changes compared to the other engine ports/versions and they are more like bonus features.


If you press: "B" you will toggle mouse/keyboard control

If you press: "S" you will toggle a "shake" effect

If you press: "V" you will spawn a ball (there is no collision check till the countdown

ends so don't freak out if the ball pop out of the game bounds.


Other things it that you can save a ball if hit it with the vertical side of the paddle but only if it hit the top half - I call it "action save" or "phew just in time save" :P

Also when multiple balls are in game they collide with each other.

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Hey, thanks I'll post a collaboration for a game project.


It's going to be based on this game, but with:

- new graphic

- new dimension and scale support

- more levels and more bonuses

- better sound effects


But it's going to be name d something new cause this version above is staying as it is for the purpose of the breakouts JS project.

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Massive thanks to Mike for doing the PhaserJS version! It's a really great version of Breakout!

Sorry for the delay and 404 issues guys. PhaserJS is now up and part of the main Breakouts site: http://city41.github.io/breakouts/


I'm still wrestling with the 404 issues, and am talking with github about them.



Breakouts also has a feature comparison table here: http://city41.github.io/breakouts/featureComparison.html


I was wondering if someone familiar with PhaserJS would want to add Phaser to the comparison? If so, the easiest way is to send me a github pull request with this file updated: https://github.com/city41/breakouts/blob/gh-pages/features.json


Or, if you prefer feel free to just send me a new copy of features.json to my email and I will get it added in: matt.e.greer@gmail.com

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Overall I like it but think it is a bad idea to have L/R arrow keys switch levels. In almost every game I have ever played, if you allow A/D to go left and right then you should also allow L/R arrow keys to do the same. Would also prefer if both mouse and keyboard were available at same time instead of having to turn on keyboard controls. 


I was also a bit confused by the gaps on the left and right at the paddle level. Having them open on both sides has me think you can teleport form one side to the other but instead it just stops. Is there a reason they are there that I am missing?


Lastly, I definitely prefer to start with ball on paddle in breakout games. That lets you aim a bit better at the start.


Great start though. The shake is a nice touch!

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