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Please suggest your opinion about my game


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I am building an army fight creator with HTML5 canvas. You can find it at armyfight.com website. So, i have army fight partly done. But i am not sure where to go next. I still have much work to do, but i need to find a target, where first i should adjust it. 

Please, suggest me where to start:

1) Leave as it is - people can create their own unique fights, show for others. Make it available to showcase on facebook. Prioritize now most on graphics and better army AI make later. 

2) Adjust this tool for historical battles. Lectors from universities and schools could create historical battles with this tool. Students will watch historical battles and learn. This would be educational tool for globe.

3) Adjust it for games like travian/tribal wars and other similar games where everday thousands of army fights are happening. People can watch these fights not only in numbers inside their game, but in real units inside my website.

4) Make a new game. Where  you must protect your city from invaders and create huge armies by time.

5) Make another game like tower defense game where you must build many archers on hills and protect from incoming swordsmans / cavalries. 

6) Suggest your idea.


Which idea is best for fastest money production?

How i could monetize by not blocking the main (army fight) functionality from users too much?

Or maybe should i post this project on kickstarter, would it give value?

Do you have maybe any idea why people should come back to this "tool" continuously?

If you cant answer anything, do you have any idea where should i ask those questions?




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