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Image Chatter while moving around a scene


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I am experiencing chatter at the bottom of models. Does anyone else get this issue?

Part of this is missing between the Dynamic texture and the ground


I rotate just a little bit and the missing part pops back on. 

So when you rotate or move back and forth you get an effect like a shimmer or image chatter. 


So ? what causes this or how do you beat it? Or ? What do I do now?


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Hi Chi!  This COULD be caused by z-fighting.  Generally, it happens when two mesh have faces that are positioned atop (z-wise) one another.


We mushroom heads think it is a pretty cool effect, but most others think it is an undesirable and unwanted rendering artifact (non-bug). 

It can be removed by separating the distance between the two z-fighting faces, so they are no longer fighting-over WHICH gets to be displayed.  :) 


(I used a tiny bit of rotation in line 22, so both planes could SHARE the stage and limelight.  Sharing is good, right?)  :)


Position is used to "bump" or "nudge" one of the z-fighting faces, most often.  In the #2 demo above, just a tiny .0001 position nudge in line 22, and the fighting stops.  I hope this helps.

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One way to reduce this effect is to move the far plane clother to the camera. In BabylonJs you can control the maximum viewing distance (far plane) with the Camera.maxZ property. If you reduce its value you will increase the z-buffer precision. You can also increase the Camera.minZ value for better precision (this is the near plane).

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The area I am viewing is quite large. Altering the camera max caused things to be cut in half and some other displeasing artifacts. I tried applying this to the 

ground material  logarithmic depth buffer and the ground no longer showed up. I then tried it on the my container models which are chattering and it had no effect. 

I tried to rotate the ground just a bit but it moved everything out of position. I kept playing with moving things a bit and when I I altered the position of the ground.  ground.position.y= 0.1;

Everything went quite no more chatter.  Why??  Ehh.. I am just closing my eyes and moving on from here. 



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